Our cookery is primarily based on seafood, particularly on Adriatic fish. In our restaurant you will find the typical dishes of Chioggia’s cookery tradition: “sarde in saòr”, “schile” with “polenta”, stewed cuttlefish, grilled “bisato”, “risotto di go”, natural “granseola”, fish soup and much more.

We are famous for our always fresh raw dishes, as we learnt in our forty years experience.

Some of our suggestions: small scampi with Garda’s olive oil and lemon, citrus flavoured swordfish carpaccio, sea bass, fresh salmon and smoked salmon tartar served with toasted whole bread and our specialty: sea aquarium composed by a shrimp tartar with ginger, frog-fish with thyme, tuna with Sichuan pepper, small scampi marinated with Garda’s olive oil and lemon, finally accompanied by a grilled sweet pepper ice-cream.

For more information about all our daily specialties, please take a look to our menu!


First course

Main course